Who am I and why am I interested in Startups, Tech, and Venture Capital in Mexico?
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My name is Mack Meyer and currently live in Monterrey, Mx. I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA... Yes, some people ask

"Did you actually grow up in the city?"

Yes, in the city! 🤔

I always find that question funny. Either you think I am lying to you and I live outside the city, such as Marin, Berkeley, Burlingame, Oakland, Sacramento.


Possibly thinking WTF was it like growing up in SF?

As I reminisce about my childhood in San Francisco during the 2000's, one word that comes to mind...Harmony!

Growing up in SF, I was always surrounded with classmates that had unique ethnic and religious backgrounds, everyone was different and that was deep-rooted in the city's culture, boundless creativity, and a thriving professional sports scene with iconic teams like the SF Giants and the SF 49ers (No the Warriors were not good, however I was still a die heart fan... I have proof).

Nevertheless, what truly sets SF apart was and still is Karl the Fog.

I'll never forget the famous words my mother echoed in my adolescent years 9/10 days a year, "Bring a sweatshirt, so you don't complain when the fog rolls in!"

Even today living in Monterrey, Mx despite the blistering summer heat (30-40 celsius) I bring a sweatshirt when I leave the house.

Back to a little more about me.

Growing up in a city obviously had its limitations with indoor space influencing my brother and I to be very active playing sports throughout our childhoods. I was fortunate to continue to play well into my adult years.

I played baseball for majority of my life... yes, wild.

72.4% to be exact (From the age of 4-25 year)

For you quants: you can figure what percentage 72.4 is of X 😉

Through my baseball career, I was surprised by the multitude of friendships I cultivated with teammates from diverse corners of the world. Moreover, I have been fortunate to maintain connections with my former coaches, who now have evolved into cherished mentors.

Since I have finished playing professional baseball it has become clear what I am most grateful for:

My unique perspective on different cultures from around the world

Why Startups, Tech, and VC?

By now you know I am from San Francisco, CA subconsciously that presumably played a role in my interest, regardless here are three factors that were (still are) a definite force behind my interest in early stage technology.


From the ages of 8-16, I had two experiences that were vivid memories to my first tastes of entrepreneurship. The first example was when I had a lemonade stand every year in the summer during a popular street festival in SF. Initially, as a 8 year old with the help of my neighbor we would (and of course our parents) go to the store get the basic ingredients and then sell the lemonade. As we started to get older, we began taking responsibilities on ourselves (checking prices for which ice and lemonade were the cheapest and offering some cookies for sale too). I never will forget the thrill of making $500 for weekend as a young boy. This experience still sticks with me today because it was the simplest example of supply and demand and huge TAM for that specific weekend each year!

Once I began high school, I realize that a 15 year old with a lemonade stand isn't as attractive for customers as a 10 year old.. 😂

That is where my next project emerged buying and selling sneakers on facebook. This story is not as interesting, but the same principles applied. Know the market and sell for more than you purchased for.


I am a very curious person. If you ask anyone who knows me well, I am eager to learn and ask questions ( a s*** ton).

There is a reason why I have a youtube premium account with 50 downloads at all times and todoist (app for organization) with articles and videos to watch for a later time.

On a serious note, my curiosity derives from my learning differences, including dyslexia. As I have matured, it has become clear that some of my biggest attributes, particularly, Curiosity originated from this.

My obsession to learn new technologies, research topics to formulate an educated opinion, and seek out non-conformist products/thinkers all contribute to my enthusiasm for early technological innovation.

Holistic Perspective "Big Picture"

Evident in my baseball career, I learned the value of persistence and consistency to a holistic vision, which I believe are a few factors for success in executing an idea to company. Startups, with their innovative and risk-taking nature, resonate with my entrepreneurial spirit, and the lessons I've learned from athletic career. It's a journey that combines my curiosity, entrepreneurial mindset, and understanding of the value of persistence, making it a compelling and exciting area for me to explore and be actively involved in.

Overall, these factors have shaped my interest in early-stage technology, propelling me to actively participate in this dynamic and innovative domain.

What ignited my interest in LATAM?

If you were to tell me at 18 years old that I would have several lifelong friends from Latin America, marry a woman from Mexico, and live full time in Mexico at 29 years old I would stare at you in disbelief...

Nonetheless, all that is true.

The culmination of personal relationships and my experience in the Mexico has created an organic desire to be at the forefront of innovation in the region. My understanding of social, political, economic issues began during my time in professional baseball with my teammates from Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Columbia, and Mexico. Slowly unpacking their life experiences as kids in their native countries initiated my interest in learning more about greater Latin American region.

Why Mexico?

My wife, was born and raised in Mexico and runs her own small business, has played a significant role in shaping my passion. Now, living in Mexico, I am immersed in its dynamic environment, where nearly 50% of the workforce is a part of just under 5 million MSMEs (micro, small, medium enterprises) contributing to over 15% of Mexico's GDP. The realization of how innovation can profoundly benefit MSME's in Mexico has been a tremendous source of inspiration. This genuine passion fuels my dedication to actively contribute and play a role in Latin America's path towards a brighter and more innovative future.

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