RECAP: VC Mx Event, May 2024

Recap from May 16th, 2024 Event
RECAP: VC Mx Event, May 2024

A few weeks ago, we had an event in Mexico City with over 40 entrepreneurs and investors in the ecosystem at the Reforma 27 building.

A special thanks to Antonio Reyes and Jose Pablo Torres for co-hosting!

Here are a few photos!

A Few Takeaways:

  • Several people mentioned that they prefer not to have 'nametags' as it helps to create an environment of curiosity and genuineness
  • It is really hard to mimic the personal connection that you achieve with in-person community events compared to any virtual event
  • Allocating 1/2 of a pizza per person is too much food 😞 🤣

If you are interested in getting involved in future VC Mx events as a co-host, sponsor, or guest, reach out below!

Here is the link to the full list of photos from the event!

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