Startup Mx: Alima

Alima is a B2B platform that provides fruits and vegetables.
Startup Mx: Alima

The Mexican fresh produce market is booming, expected to grow by a whopping $4 billion in just four years that is more than a 10% annual growth.

Alima: B2B Produce, Simplified & Smart

Latin America loses 30% of its produce to inefficient systems, representing a massive $21 billion yearly loss.

Alima, through its comprehensive platform simplifies the entire process for companies, from sourcing the perfect product to manage expenses and planning orders. Imagine ditching the chaos and having everything you need – a complete sourcing service, expense tracking tools, and convenient order selection – all in one centralized platform.

That's the power of Alima

Enter Alima, transforming B2B procurement and leaving the old-fashioned methods in the dust. 

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