Startup Mx: Balam

Balam is platform that streamlines cross-border transactions
Startup Mx: Balam

By 2025, the number of people in Latin America using digital commerce is expected to reach 268 million, a significant jump from 225 million in 2021. 

For students, professionals, and families across Latin America and the US, sending and receiving money has never been easier.

Enter Balam, founded in 2023.

Meet Balam, an innovative platform that streamlines cross-border transactions aiming to make financial inclusivity a reality.

"Witnessing the struggles of immigrants sending money back home to loved ones was my primary motivation. "Traditional international transfers are slow, expensive, and often opaque, leaving users frustrated and out of pocket.” Jose Alberto Diaz told VC Mexico

With close to 40% of the Latin American population unbanked, Balam's seamless integration with WhatsApp and focus on affordability can bridge the financial inclusion gap.

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