Startup Mx: Fintoc

Fintoc is a mobile banking application that allows users to automate bank reconciliation and payment verification.
Startup Mx: Fintoc

Mexico's digital payments market is on fire, with user numbers projected to soar to 87 million by 2027 (Statista).

But amidst this surge, merchants face a familiar foe: high transaction fees, clunky payment systems, and fraudulent transactions. That's where Fintoc steps in, offering a refreshing solution that's both convenient and cost-effective.

Imagine: customers simply pay with their phone number, no cards or lengthy forms required.

Funds are seamlessly transferred from the customers' bank accounts to the merchants', encountering no friction and incurring minimal fees.

A2A Payments: Account to Account Payments

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Just Build it...

Lukas Zorich, a Chilean software engineer, was stuck verifying endless bank transfers, by hand in his previous startup. The lack of a simple program to access basic account information didn't make any sense.

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