Startup Mx: Momento

Momento is trying to make life easier for underserved car driver in LatAm
Startup Mx: Momento

Momento Seguros is changing the way car insurance works in Mexico.

Smashing Insurance's Old-School Rules!

According to statistics from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), approximately 70% of vehicles in Mexico are uninsured. This accounts for more than 30 million uninsured vehicles, with a total value of nearly 13,000 million pesos (around 700 million dollars). (Wired)

Enter Momento Seguros, an auto Insurtech company in Mexico.

Momento wants to make car insurance personalized, flexible, and easy to obtain. In turn, helping make roads safer by insuring more drivers in Mexico. 

Founding Team

Andrés Guerrero Alvarez

León Bartolomé Carreño

Lois Rogel Vence

What is Momento?

Momento is a fully digital platform for car insurance that allows users to scan insurance policy plans, request quotes, make payments, and even report accidents. 

Here are a few benefits Momento offers to its users:

1. Fair Prices for Good Drivers: Thanks to smart technology, Momento offers affordable prices to safe drivers. 

2. Your Rules, Your Coverage: Choose what coverage, deductibles, and insured amounts you want. Whether you prefer a yearly plan or a monthly subscription, Momento gives you the freedom to decide. 

3. Pay Your Way, Every Month: Paying is simple. You can pay each month without any restrictions, whether with a credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or even cash payments at local Oxxo stores.

4. Simple as a Click: Momento is the first car insurance platform in Mexico you can handle entirely from your phone, computer, or a tablet. You can buy a policy, report and track claims, make changes to your policy, and more—all from any device. 

Momento's momentum in Latin America's insurtech sector is highlighted by the increasing investment focus in the region. Latin America has recently recorded rounds for insurtechs, such as Justos, an automotive insurance company that earlier this year raised a funding amount of 5.9m. (Latam)

“What we offer is online pricing and contracting. Once the insurance is contracted, through the app or website [of Momento Seguros] it is possible to see the contracted coverage, check the validity and cancel the policy. It is also possible to add or eliminate coverage and even report an accident. “It is about the complete digitalization of the entire product experience, from purchase to claim.” —  León Bartolomé Carreño 


Momento, has raised a total funding amount of $10.5M.

2023, $10.5M (Seed) led by HSCM Ventures and Foundation Capital including Wollef Ventures, Picus Capital, Global Founders Capital, Gilgamesh Ventures, BoxGroup.

2022, undisclosed amount (Pre-Seed) led by Y combinator including Goodwater Capital.

Market Opportunity

Momento Seguros has an opportunity to democratize car insurance in Mexico, but penetration for Momento will not come easily with large incumbents controlling around 70-75 % of the auto insurance market and capital intensive federal regulation policies in place to navigate. 

Further, with over 30m cars uninsured in Mexico the question remains, “Will stricter enforcement to require drivers to obtain insurance policies come in the near future and if so, at what price?” In 2024, Momento Seguros plans to have 4,000 to 6,000 policies targeting cities like Monterrey, Guadalajara, or Mérida. 

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