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The for Logistics in Latin America.
Startup Mx: OTIF

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The United States and Mexico traded. When I mean trade, they TRADE - almost $800 billion dollars worth in 2023!

Enter OTIF

What is OTIF?

OTIF (On Time in Full) is a logistics company designed to make shipping things around the world as easy as booking a flight online. Imagine a for logistics, but specifically focused on the demands of Mexican businesses and beyond.

Founder’s Inspiration

Pamela, the co-founder of OTIF, recognized the need for such a platform during her time in international commerce.

“Let's face it, our backgrounds shape our experiences. After 14 years in international business, I learned a hard truth: success demands a global outlook. Focusing solely on your local market limits your potential”, Pamela told VC Mexico, “Take Mexico, for example. It's the US's top trade partner, with exports destined to grow even more. But where do the raw materials come from? China, Vietnam, Asia. An effective supply chain must have a global scope, connecting everyone with the necessary resources.”

Pamela's vision is driven by her experiences. While working at a Chinese trading company, she witnessed numerous Mexican SMEs facing challenges. These businesses lacked the tools that established Chinese companies possessed, were unsure about safe purchasing practices, and faced a barrage of customs issues. It was then that Pamela realized the necessity for making global shipping more accessible.

“Imagine a user-friendly platform where anyone can ship anything, anywhere - just like booking a flight. Remember, 20 years ago, travel agents controlled the market. Now, simplifies travel planning. That's the future we're building for logistics - a one-stop shop for all your shipping needs." - Pamela Villarreal (Co-Founder and CEO OTIF)

Automating Inefficiencies

As Pamela's experience in the logistics sector deepened, she continually encountered the same issues arising from the absence of a centralized logistics platform.

One of these recurring pain points was the need to continuously compare quotes and routes from multiple providers manually, a time-consuming and inefficient process. Additionally, finding reliable and affordable options for international shipping, particularly outside major trade routes, proved to be difficult.

Solutions Offered by OTIF

 OTIF tackles these challenges by:

  • Connecting shippers with a network of shipping lines and airlines, offering a wider range of options and potentially more competitive pricing.
  • Providing a user-friendly platform to compare prices, routes, and estimated delivery times for various shipping options.
  • Offering real-time tracking and visibility throughout the shipping process using artificial intelligence.
  • Catering to shipments of all sizes and volumes, from small express packages to large containers.


Antonio Cardenas

Pamela Villarreal



OTIF’s Features: Your One-Stop Shop for Global Shipping

Here's how OTIF makes shipping a breeze:

  • Integrated Supply Chain: All modes of transport in one single place
  • Unmatched Choice: OTIF connects customers with over 1,000+ different shipping providers, from express couriers for small packages to ocean freight companies for large shipments. This vast network ensures customers find the perfect fit for their specific needs.
  • Effortless Comparison: OTIF lets customers compare prices, routes, and delivery times from various carriers side-by-side. Customers can find the most efficient and cost-effective option for their shipment.
  • AI-Powered Efficiency: OTIF leverages cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to find the best rates and delivery timeframes for any shipment. No more guesswork - OTIF gets customers the information they need instantly.
  • Seamless Booking: Once a customer chooses the perfect option, they can book their shipment directly through the OTIF platform. No need to contact multiple carriers - OTIF handles it all.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Stay informed every step of the way! OTIF provides real-time tracking so customers can see exactly where their shipment is located, giving them peace of mind.
  • AI-Powered Predictive ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival estimated by the weather, route, supplier, average times, etc.
  • Centralized Management: Manage all your shipments effortlessly. OTIF allows customers to track orders, view invoices, and stay organized all from one central dashboard.

OTIF’s Traction

  • 1,000+ Providers: A massive network ensures customers find the perfect carrier for any shipment.
  • 6,000,000+ Packages Delivered Annually: OTIF has a proven track record of successful deliveries, trusted by satisfied customers around the globe.
  • 60+ Countries Reached: OTIF facilitates international shipping to a vast network of destinations, helping businesses reach new markets.
  • 250,000%+ Annual Customer Growth: More and more businesses are discovering the efficiency and ease of OTIF's shipping solutions.
“We partner with major shipping companies worldwide - big names like Hapag-Lloyd and Maersk Line. We also work with various air freight companies, but right now, sea freight is a big focus.” - Pamela Villarreal

Market Opportunity

The global Third-Party Logistics (3PL) market is set for a steady expansion, with projected revenues reaching US$21 billion in 2024 and expected to grow at an annual rate of 2.11%, leading to a market volume of nearly US$23 billion by 2028. This consistent growth offers a significant opportunity for OTIF, as businesses increasingly search for efficient and cost-effective shipping solutions. 

Additionally, the trend of nearshoring is predicted to drive demand for 8 million square meters of industrial storage space in Mexico by 2027, further highlighting the potential for OTIF's innovative platform to capitalize on these developments (Transport Topics).

Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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