Startup Mx: Strade

Strade is the first dedicated sneakers marketplace in Latin America
Startup Mx: Strade

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Mexico's sneaker scene is on fire, with the market projected to reach a staggering $404 million by 2024 and maintaining an 3% annual growth rate until 2028. 

To put this in perspective that is around 42 million new sneakerheads entering the market, with user penetration expected to surge to 34% by 2028 (Statista).

Enter Strade, the first dedicated sneakers marketplace in Latin America.

Strade is changing the game for footwear enthusiasts. Founded by a young entrepreneur in Monterrey, Strade is more than just a platform for buying and selling exclusive sneakers; striving to build a community centered on maximizing the user experience through authenticity and transparency.

For Resellers

  • Effortless inventory management: Efficient control of operations with features like metrics, orders, and internal search engine.
  • Increased sales: Monetize talent and connect with a wider audience of potential buyers.
  • Guaranteed authenticity: Strict verification process ensures product originality and builds trust.

For Buyers

  • One-stop shop: Extensive selection of exclusive sneakers with the convenience of a single platform.
  • Peace of mind: Authenticity verification guarantees legitimacy and eliminates buying anxiety.
  • Personalized experience: Design your own sneakers or customize with NFT's for a unique touch.
We're basically a "Shopify for resellers," helping them (sellers) easily manage inventory and clients. And for buyers, we offer a secure platform with verified products, no more scams!” - David Estrada (Co Founder of Strade)

With over 550 resellers and 600 satisfied customers, Strade is rapidly growing. Their ambitious goals include reaching 2,000 resellers and $200,000 in monthly sales within a year. Recent investments from Platanus Ventures and industry leaders fuel their expansion plans, including a $2 million capital raise to invest in content, brand partnerships, and community events (Startupslatam).


David Estrada

Javier Enriquez Lavida 

Angel Alvarado


2022, 500K (Pre-Seed) including Platanus Ventures, Kalpa Ventures, Blue Zone Ventures, Angelhub VC and Jose de la Luz Lopez.

Flexible Pricing for Sneaker Resellers

Strade caters to both seasoned and aspiring resellers with flexible pricing options. Transaction fees range from 10% to 20%, depending on the reseller's profile and volume. For those seeking advanced tools and support, the "Expert" plan offers valuable features like access to metrics and orders, an internal search engine to locate specific products, the ability to make offers directly to other resellers, and a dedicated Strade World advisor for personalized guidance. This plan comes at a monthly cost of $600 MXN, roughly equivalent to US$35, providing a cost-effective way to maximize sales and efficiency (Starupslatam).

Strade's Vision

The global sneaker resale market isn't just booming, it's exploding. In 2023, the market was estimated at $11.5 Billion and projected to reach a revenue of $53 Billion by 2033.

“Our long-term vision is clear, slashing delivery times for luxury sneakers”, David Estrada told VC Mexico. “We aim to mirror Amazon's success in fashion, offering speed that rivals physical stores. People crave instant gratification online, and that's where we see a major opportunity.

In the next six months, we'll focus on becoming the go-to platform for fast luxury sneaker delivery, taking inspiration from Amazon's efficiency”.

“But it's not just about speed. My other key focus as CEO is community building”, says David Estrada. “We're creating engaging content, collaborating with influencers and events, and aiming to achieve 40% of our sales organically within 16 months. This is our biggest challenge, but also our most exciting opportunity.”

Market Opportunity

Strade has a golden opportunity to dominate the Mexican sneaker market. By ensuring authenticity and efficiency for their customers, Strade can become the go-to platform for sneakerheads, fostering a thriving community and driving the market forward.

“The sneaker resale market in Latin America is growing super fast! Globally it's worth $89 billion, but here it's already a big chunk, like $10 billion, which is 11% of the whole world market! And get this, Mexico isn't even the biggest one yet! There's tons of potential in our region, and Strade is ready to be part of this exciting wave." - David Estrada

Here's why Strade is equipped for success:

  • Filling the void: Existing platforms lack security and cater to international markets. Strade offers a localized solution for Mexican sneakerheads.
  • Building trust: Verified products eliminate scams and build user confidence.
  • Empowering resellers: Powerful tools help resellers scale and expand their reach.
  • Community focus: Events, collaborations, and content foster a loyal user base.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Starting a startup is very hard and the probability for success is low. But don’t worry, everyone has failed while trying to build a startup and you should love failure.Failure is the key for success, you need to learn from every mistake you make. This is my third attempt to build something in the Sneaker space and I have found that the only key for success as a founder is resilience and building a great team. - David Estrada

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