VC Mx: Proeza Ventures

Proeza Ventures, founded 2020, is the largest mobility innovation focused venture capital fund based in Latin America.
VC Mx: Proeza Ventures

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In 1956, nearly 70 years ago, Metalsa, originally called Manufacturas Metalicas, started its journey by manufacturing light poles. It wasn't much later, in 1960, that Metalsa developed its first automotive rim. Today, Grupo Proeza, Metalsa's parent company, has a presence in 9 countries across 3 continents, employing more than 13,000 individuals in sectors such as agriculture, industry, and healthcare. Despite the vast expansion, their dedication to entrepreneurship continues to be unwavering.

Still Pioneering Mobility Innovation

Grupo Proeza's dedication to continuing to drive innovation in the mobility sector remains stronger than ever, now through backing the next generation of entrepreneurs in mobility (ground transportation) and logistics.

Enter Proeza Ventures.

Proeza Ventures is the largest mobility innovation focused venture capital fund based in Latin America. Proeza's commitment is to invest in visionary founders who are reshaping our understanding of the mobility space. Proeza Ventures is based out of Monterrey, Mexico, and Houston, Texas.

Fund History & Investment Stage

Proeza Ventures (PV) launched Fund 1, $50m, in 2020 and has made over 20 investments.  Notable investments include: Cargado, Solvento, Kigo, Busup, Xos.

Late Seed to Series A (“Seed Plus”) - [$500k - 2m] open to lead, co-lead or follow-on. 

“Our mission is to discover and invest in visionary founders building early-stage startups transforming the way in which we think about mobility and with whom we can partner to make a more sustainable world.”- Rodolfo Dieck, Managing Partner

Fund Investment Thesis 

Proeza Ventures focuses specifically in the “mobility space”. Proeza Ventures invests across logistics and supply chain sectors with a primary focus on the Americas as well as exposure to Western Europe and Israel. 

“We at (PV’s) invest across the whole value chain of mobility, from industrial tech, which we see as the foundation of mobility products, to vehicles themselves, like XOS an EV commercial vehicle solution, and services around mobility, such as Logistics and Supply Chain” - Enrique M. Zambrano, Managing Partner 

Managing Partners

Enrique M. Zambrano

Rodolfo Elias Dieck

Rodolfo & Enrique

Emerging Sectors for opportunity in Latin America 

Proeza Ventures' thesis focuses on "the whole value chain of mobility, specifically ground transportation." Now, emerging sectors include the supply chain, which has expanded beyond 'visibility and traceability' and is gaining increased importance due to nearshoring. Additionally, the development of AI applications in the mobility space is impacting areas ranging from the automotive design process to autonomous vehicle solutions.

Advice to Entrepreneurs looking to raise Venture Capital

“We back entrepreneurs with an ambitious vision and the grit and operational skills to execute their business plan and transform the sectors they participate in. We expect to help them leverage our deep expertise in mobility, our unique platform, and network.” Enrique M. Zambrano

"As an entrepreneur, I highly recommend honing your storytelling skills and embracing ambitious thinking. These abilities are invaluable for sharing your company's vision and dreams. Also, don't underestimate the power of surrounding yourself with talented individuals; they can truly elevate your startup." Enrique M. Zambrano

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