Startup Mx: 99minutos

99 Minutos is an e-commerce delivery company that operates in Latin America.
Startup Mx: 99minutos

From Speed to Satisfaction: Unveiling the Value of Last Mile Services in the U.S. and Their Emergence in Latin America.

99minutos is a last-mile delivery service that operates in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

The company currently operates in 40 major markets and ships about 60-80 packages per route. 99minutos is planning to use part of its recent funding to speed up its city-to-city deliveries and will be using small aircraft to connect the cities (Techcrunch).

99minutos - Riding LATAM's E-commerce Boom

Online shopping in Latin America is expected to reach a value of $160 billion by 2025, up from an estimated $85 billion in 2021. This significant growth requires that the infrastructure for delivering goods be improved, as well as the need for specialized services throughout the entire supply chain. To meet these needs, 99minutos will continue to expand its core last-mile delivery business and also introduce new services for e-commerce logistics (BusinessInsider).

“ 99minutos needs to be the first technology company to build the logistics infrastructure required to scale, to have a fast delivery experience — getting packages tomorrow instead of 10 days from now — and offer specialized services.” - Alexis Patjane, CEO 99minutos.

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