Startup Mx: Yumari

Wholesale buying from Latin America made easy
Startup Mx: Yumari

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Tired of sourcing headaches? Forget endless emails, language barriers, and logistical nightmares. Not happy waiting for supplier quotes that take 6 months, then provide change in pricing.

Enter Yumari.

Yumari is here to revolutionize the sourcing experience, bringing you quality Latin American products with unprecedented ease and security.

Yumari's here to say "us," and "now." They're bringing a fresh way to source from Latin America, making it easier than ever to find amazing products and work with the best people there.

“ If not us, who? If not now, when?” - Andrés Díaz Bedolla

Yumari: Revolutionizing Latin America Product Sourcing

Yumari is more than just a matchmaker. It's a one-stop solution that simplifies the entire sourcing process. Their team of experts handles the complexities of logistics, customs regulations, and secure financial transactions, allowing people to focus on what matters most – building businesses.

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