Startup Mx: mattilda.

mattilda is a SAAS edtech platform that helps schools manage and automate payments.
Startup Mx: mattilda.

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With over 30,000 private schools serving 5 million students in Mexico, institutions face various challenges, from administration finances to student and family management.

Enter mattilda, a Mexican SAAS Edtech company.

Mattilda, a SAAS school management platform, has emerged to enhance efficiency for student management, payment collections, and credit access all aimed to improve operations of private schools in LATAM.

As operators of an education group with +90,000 students, we spent most of our time on manual, non-revenue generating activities, such as payment conciliation, invoicing and collections. - Adrián Garza, Co founder of mattilda

mattilda's mission

mattilda's mission is simple, provide financial tools to private elementary/middle schools in Mexico. Operating schools in emerging markets can be challenging and even more difficult with antiquated software systems in place. Traditionally school systems in Mexico update employee payroll, attendance, tuition collections, and payment plans manually.

For many private schools in Mexico payment scheduling and collections is a burden to the administration. It is common for schools to offer flexible payment schedules for students and their families, but collecting these payments is a challenge.

The problem we are solving is two-fold. First, school owners in Latin America spend most of their time on time-consuming, day-to-day activities that do not add value to their core missions as educators, such as payments, collections, invoicing. Second, most schools in Latin America have limited access to financial capital, thus hindering their ability to grow and deliver best-in-class education. - Adrián Garza


Jose Agoté , Jesus Lanza, Adrián Garza, ileana Gomez Gasteasoro, Juan Pablo Bravo

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Jose Agoté, Juan Pablo Bravo, ileana Gomez Gasteasoro, Jesus Lanza, Adrián Garza

Empowering LATAM School Administrators

mattilda empowers private schools in Latin America with financial solutions. Their suite offers:

  • A streamlined SaaS platform: Automate collections, payments, and invoices, freeing up precious time and resources.
  • A revenue guarantee: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your school has consistent cash flow throughout the year,
  • Growth-oriented loans: Invest in your school's future with flexible funding options for expansion and upgrades, especially during the Summer months.

mattilda's credit line program assists schools to project their monthly income. This can enhance schools’ growth by allowing them to request funding amounts ranging from 3-12 months’ worth of revenue to make capital improvements to facilities and invest in further technology to improve the classroom experience (Techcrunch).

Further, Jose Agote, CEO of mattilda, hinted that the team is looking at other verticals by offering a marketplace for items such as school supplies and uniforms.

“There are also plans for creating a marketplace so schools can find better prices for items like laptops, uniforms, lab and sports equipment and even desks and blackboards.”- Jose Agote


mattilda has raised a total funding amount of $39.2M.

2023, $19M (Series A), including GSV Ventures, DILA Capital, FinTech Collective & 10M Debt Facility

2022, $10.2M (Seed), including DILA Capital, GSV Ventures, Picus Capital, QED investors, Fintech Collective

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