Startup Mx: Yave

Yave functions as an online digital mortgage lender designed for home purchases in Mexico.
Startup Mx: Yave
Yave founded in 2017

Traditionally the process to purchase a home with financing no matter where you are in the world has been a cumbersome process. Over the last decade in the United States this process has become more transparent and digitized. Companies such as Rocket Mortgage,, and Loan Depot have all capitalized on trend to improve access/efficiency to the home mortgage process.

Now that process has begun in Mexico.

Enter Yave. A digital lender for home mortgage purchases in Mexico. Purchasing a home in Mexico with a mortgage traditionally is an extensive process with a lot of barriers to first time home buyers; these include a large down payment (upwards of 30%), extensive income history, and further a co-signer thus causing a substantial part of the population unable to afford to purchase a home.

“In Mexico, five banks and the government originate 99% of the loans. It’s very difficult to have new competitors because there’s no liquid secondary market like [Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac] in the U.S.” - Bernardo Silva, Founder Yave (axios)


Bernardo Silva

Andres Aguilar

What is Yave?

Yave functions as an online digital mortgage lender designed for home purchases in Mexico. It empowers homebuyers to seamlessly initiate and complete the entire mortgage application process through digital means, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the Mexican Mortgage market. Yave offers a range of application program interfaces (APIs), catering to Real Estate companies and home developers. These APIs enable the creation of a streamlined Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, facilitating improved communication among customers, builders, and real estate agents

Since inception, Yave has developed partnerships with more than 30 companies and has orgianted over 80m in loans (Latamlist)

Most recent Funding

Ysave, 7.5m seed funding, 2022 (Crunchbase)

Market Opportunity

Yave is positioned to be a market leader for the digitalized home mortgage process, but factors such as the informal economy (roughly 50% of the workforce) and lack of financial literacy are both challenges in the way to improve access to home ownership. Since 2000, homeownership dropped from 79% to 59% in 2019, however 94% of Millenials responded they aspire to owning a home within 5 years (contxto). Undoubtedly, homeownership remains an aspiration for numerous individuals in the younger demographic. However, the inquiry persists: which technological advancements will facilitate the expansion of homeownership in the Mexican economy?

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