Startup Mx: SCAPE

Scape is a wellness platform for Latin America that provides on-demand massage and facial treatments directly to your home or office
Startup Mx: SCAPE

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In today's fast-paced culture, self-care is becoming a priority. Robust personal and work schedules often leave people longing for a convenient way to unwind and recharge. 

Enter Scape, a leading app-based service in Mexico that provides on-demand massage and facial treatments directly to your home or office.

This innovative app-based service quickly filled a gap in the busy lives of professionals, offering on-demand massages for ultimate convenience. But Scape's vision has grown far beyond its initial concept. Led by a passionate CEO, Helle Jeppsson, the company is transforming into a comprehensive wellness platform, empowering therapists, expanding services, and shaping the future of self-care in Latin America.

The Inspiration Behind Scape

The founder identified a pain point in the spa industry. "We saw a gap in the market," Helle Jeppsson told VC Mexico. "Weekdays are busy, and people struggle to find time for massages or other wellness services. Weekends are booked solid, so we saw an opportunity to bring the spa directly to clients' homes, offering on-demand massages for busy professionals."

Sometimes it’s just about finding a way! 

However, the journey wasn't been without hurdles. "The pandemic hit us hard," Helle admitted. "Regulations forced us to close initially. We had to find creative solutions, even selling Lululemon leggings for a while, just to stay afloat. 

We've come a long way since the beginning. Scape started in Mexico, and now we're thriving in 26 cities across the country. We've even expanded our reach to Colombia, Chile, and the Dominican Republic! - Helle Jeppsson (CEO Scape)

A Self-Care Ecosystem: A Vision for Impact

Despite these challenges, the CEO remains committed to a vision that extends beyond simply offering a convenient service. "There's a misconception that wellness is a frivolous industry," Helle Jeppsson explained. "We believe self-care is essential for physical and mental health. Some might think I just wanted a fun, trendy business, but my goal is to build a scalable company with a real impact on people's lives not only for our clients, but also for our employees.”

This vision extends beyond the initial app. "Scape started as an app for on-demand massages at home," CEO said. "We've expanded to B2B services, providing massage therapists for hotels and corporate programs. We even launched our own line of massage oils and aromatherapy products, Mys.

The future involves opening our platform to other beauty and wellness brands for integration and marketing."


Helle Jeppsson, Jose de Murga (Co-founder), Patricia Jimenez (COO), Aurora Rodriguez (CTO)

B2C to B2B: Discovering Hidden Potential

"Initially, we focused on offering our services directly to consumers (B2C)," Helle explained. "But we soon discovered a massive opportunity in the business-to-business (B2B) market."

"The B2B side has two key areas for us," Helle Jeppsson elaborated.

1) "First, we partner with hotels, particularly boutique hotels, to provide their guests with on-demand spa services. We've become a trusted provider for over 250 hotels."

2) "Second, the corporate wellness market has exploded post-pandemic," the CEO continued. "Many companies prioritize employee well-being now, and that's where Scape comes in."

Building a Wellness Ecosystem

Looking ahead, the focus is on growth and empowerment. "We're exploring adding new services like physiotherapy or beauty treatments," Helle revealed. "We see our platform as a valuable tool for beauty brands to reach new markets. I'm passionate about empowering therapists, particularly women, by offering flexible work and better income potential. We're launching our online therapist academy across Latin America to make professional massage training more accessible."


2023, $1.3M (Seed) including Seed9, Amplifica Capital, Everywhere Ventures, 500 Global, and Daedalus Ventures.

Market Opportunity

Latin America mHealth Market: While the overall wellness market is flourishing, a more specific indicator for Scape's app-based model is the mHealth market. According to market research, the Latin America mHealth market size was valued at just under USD 5 Billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 22.78 Billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 36.45% indicating the rising interest in mobile health solutions, aligning perfectly with Scape's on-demand spa services.

Mexico's growing Wellness Market: Focusing specifically on Mexico, the health and wellness coaching market is projected to reach a revenue of USD 181 million in 2024. This indicates a strong focus on preventative healthcare and self-care, with an expected annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.61% until 2028, reaching a projected market volume of USD 250 million (Statista). 

Scape's on-demand, app-based approach to spa services positions them to become a leader in the thriving Latin American wellness market, particularly in Mexico. With a focus on convenience, affordability, and a commitment to quality.

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