VC Mx Recap | May 2024 |

Venture Capital Mx Community Recap
VC Mx Recap | May 2024 |

A brief recap from our Venture Capital Mx community sharing all interviews, events, and articles from May 2024.

Startup Mx: Clara
Clara is the leading end-to-end corporate payment solution for companies in Latin America.
Startup Mx: Vertebra
Vertebra is a platform designed for commercial & industrial administrative property management in Latin America.
Startup Mx: Kolonus
Kolonus is a comprehensive proptech solution designed to streamline life in every kind of residential community.
Startup Mx: OTIF
The for Logistics in Latin America.
Startup Mx: Syscap | VC Mexico
Syscap is an financial infrastructure that connects the private credit ecosystem in Latin America.

Angels & Investors

More VC Features!
Entrepreneur Mx: Joe Merullo
Joe Merullo’s Latin America Journey from entrepreneurship to Angel Investing and everything in between.
Venture Capital Mexico, May 2024 | Event
VC Mx Community Dinner May 16th, 2024

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the Venture Capital Mx community as we continue to explore the forefront of innovation and investment in Mexico's tech ecosystem!

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