VC Mx Recap | June 2024 |

Venture Capital Mx Community Recap
VC Mx Recap | June 2024 |

A brief recap from our Venture Capital Mx community sharing all interviews, events, and articles from June 2024.

Launch of Deal Flow Newsletter

Founders: If you are in the process of fundraising or looking to raise a round, take a look at this short Fundraising Form I created for founders to submit their startups to be featured in a monthly Venture Capital Mx Funding Newsletter!

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Deal Flow Newsletter, July 24′
Deal Flow Newsletter July 2024


VC Mx Startup Features

More Startup Features!
Startup Mx: SCAPE
Scape is a wellness platform for Latin America that provides on-demand massage and facial treatments directly to your home or office
Startup Mx: Vinco
Vinco is a digital learning platform aimed to provide flexible formal and continued education options for companies and their employees.
Startup Mx: Taxo
Taxo streamlines tax processes in Mexico by providing accountants with automated tools for tax declarations and calculations while connecting individuals with skilled tax professionals through a user-friendly marketplace.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the Venture Capital Mx community as we continue to explore the forefront of innovation and investment in Mexico's tech ecosystem!

If you interested in a product feature spotlight or future partnership opportunities, please reach out here.

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